Lori Fradkin wrote a poignant piece on her drinking practices and what has led her to safer, low risk drinking today. Ms. Fradkin realized that not recalling the night before and feeling terrible on the weekends wasn’t how she wanted to live. She concluded that for her, moderate low-risk drinking and sometimes not drinking at all is the best choice .

In 2010, 62 percent of young adults reported they were current drinkers, with 66% of males and 57% of females reporting drinking in the past 30-days. This gender disparity is even greater when you look at the number reporting binge drinking. 19% of males and 9% of females reported they engaged in binge drinking in the past month. What these statistics tell us is that dangerous over consumption of alcohol remains a major health and safety issue for college students on campuses across the nation.

Unfortunately, many college students condone a culture of over consumption on campus. For its part, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has been working with student campaigns fighting binge drinking on campuses across the country. Doing so will let us better understand their definition of binge drinking, behaviors and attitudes towards drinking, and how to effectively communicate with college students the dangers and consequences of over consumption via messages generated by the students themselves.

For Ms. Fradkin, her 20s were a “sometimes messy part of my life.” Unfortunately, for many the consequences of binge drinking can be much more severe. We hope our work with college students will lead to more people realizing their 20’s need not be nearly so messy.