Warm summer temperatures have come early this year, and that means it’s biking weather!  Whether biking to school with your kids or commuting to work, the staff at Village Skis and Bikes in Woodbridge, VA want to make sure everyone knows some basic cycling safety tips.

1) Always wear a helmet, and make sure it’s sized correctly. A helmet should sit level on your head covering about half your forehead and it shouldn’t shift easily.  The V straps should meet just below the ear lobes and you should be able to fit your finger between the chin and the strap.

2) Ride in designated bike paths, or when no path is present, ride with the direction of traffic. When riding on a path, stay to the right side, only crossing to the left side to pass slower moving traffic. Make sure to call to slower traffic when passing ("On your left!"). When riding in the road, stay in the right lane allowing room for motorists to pass on your left. 

3) Obey traffic signals and signal your turns. For a left turn, hold your left arm straight out. For a right turn, hold your left arm at a 90 degree angle up or hold your right arm straight out. When coming to a stop, hold your left arm out and down with your palm facing back.

4) Be visible to those around you! Wear bright colors like green, yellow or pink. Make sure you are well lit with headlights and taillights, or reflective materials at night.

5) Bring plenty of water on rides! Stay hydrated especially during the hot and dry summer days.

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