One 96-year-old Long Island resident started her Memorial Day off with a “bang!” No, not a “bang” from celebratory fireworks, but rather from a car ramming full-speed into her kitchen at four in the morning.  This was because a 21-year-old woman failed to stop at an intersection after a night of heavy drinking. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

For 20 years, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has worked with lawmakers and partnering organizations have worked tirelessly to prevent would-be drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Thankfully, as Dr. Barron H. Lerner, a professor of medicine and public health at Columbia University Medical Center points out,, there are many technologies being developed to combat drunk driving – among them, ignition interlocks, which, when used properly, have proven effective in reducing DUI recidivism.

Another approach , Dr. Lerner noted in his blog post “is to arrange for taxis or car services to bring drinkers home safely after nights of heavy imbibing.” Dr. Lerner then referenced the successful efforts by the Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide program, an organization which The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility not only financially supports but serves as a member on the board of directors.

SoberRide® is an innovative initiative that provides a free taxi service (up to $30) to would-be drunk drivers around weekends with unusually heavy drunk driving fatalities, such as July 4th weekend. Since 1993 SoberRide® has provided 54,873 free cab rides home and kept countless would-be drunk drivers off Washington, D.C.-area roads. We’re proud to provide financial support to SoberRide – its work makes DC’s roads a safer place.

 Dr. Lerner ends his blog post by suggesting we all look at the bizarre drunk driving accident mentioned earlier as a wake-up call and start to implement ways to eliminate drunk driving all across the country. We couldn’t agree more.