I recently visited The University of Oregon campus and met with the students of the “Balance the Buzz” campaign team and their advisor Professor David Koranda.

The Balance the Buzz campaign started in the spring semester of 2012. The aim of the campaign is to shed light on the dangers of high-risk drinking campaign on campus and promote an environment of responsible drinking and safe behavior.

The students involved in the campaign showed unbelievable enthusiasm in tackling this issue, and we at the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility are looking forward to see the results of this campaign. So far, the campaign has advertised in campus newspapers, held events in bars around campus, and has even partnered with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to register a presence at retail stores where students tend to buy alcohol from. The team has also distributed hundreds of t-shirts, cups and other campaign materials, expanding their reach around campus in a bid to raise awareness about the campaign and its message.

As the advisor for this student led effort, Professor David Koranda has high hopes for the campaign.  He has discovered that there is a culture on campus which encourages excess drinking in order to have fun and live the “full college experience.” However, he believes that ultimately, the Balance the Buzz campaign will be able to challenge that status quo and introduce a new way of partying and living the college experience which in turn will result in a safer environment and campus.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is proud to support the efforts of these young, creative, and ambitious students. We believe that their voices need to be heard, and as stakeholders they can bring a fresh perspective to this critical issue that most colleges in the nation have to deal with.  The Balance the Buzz team is certainly not afraid to voice its concerns, and I strongly believe that its work will speak volumes at The University of Oregon.

Go Ducks!

Fadi Seikaly
Director, Programs
The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility