He may not wear a cape, but there is no doubt Officer Brandon S. Butler of the Virginia Beach Police Department is a hero.

Throughout his career as a law enforcement agent, Officer Butler has made it his mission to locate inebriated drivers and take them off the roads before they have a chance to add to the already sobering drunk driving accident statistics.

He told The Virginian-Pilot, "Every time you pull a drunk driver off the streets, you save their lives and a driver that's going to work or the grocery store,” — a  life like that of his cousin, who was killed by a drunk driver when Officer Butler was a child.

The Virginia Beach officer has surely saved more than a few families from the heartache his family suffered. Last year alone, Officer Butler made 114 DUI arrests, according to the article.

The number of drunk driving incidents is declining. But, until the issue is eliminated completely, we — advocates, law enforcers, law makers and the individual citizens of this country, collectively — must continue the fight against drunk driving. We should follow the example set by leaders like Officer Butler.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility commends all officers whose work helps keep our roads safe.