Wow! The excitement in the auditorium was infectious! Not just because there are only three days of school left, either. The Student Leaders at Apollo Middle School in Hollywood, FL were competing against not only each other for the best time in the fast-paced Ask Listen Learn game, but with some of the school's favorite teachers, who simply could not keep up with those determined kids.

More than 300 kids were cheering on their fellow classmates so they were sure to succeed. Now, that's the kind of peer pressure we want to see.

The school's motto is "What you learn today will launch tomorrow" and each speaker; Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Paralympic Swimmer Mallory Weggemann, Principal Shawn Aycock and Apollo Middle School Teacher of the Year, Sara Pierce, consistently talked with the 8th graders about the importance of setting goals, both short and long term, and reaching them.

Several of the kids stayed to talk with the special guests about their future plans, so they were clearly listening. They discussed ways to be more active (in mind and body) and how choosing your friends carefully is so important in navigating the REAL obstacle course in life, including the obstacles of poor choices such as underage drinking.

Rep. Wasserman Schultz was a softball player who knew the importance of reaching your goals and choosing your friends carefully. She discussed peer pressure and how the kids should use that to make a positive difference in life. She demonstrated to the kids her mad throwing skills as she distributed fun take-a-ways for thoughtful discussion. Mallory wasn't half bad either, "for a swimmer," she said!