It is already proving to be an active year with over 1200 bills introduced related to drunk driving and underage drinking in states across the country!  Here are just a few bills that we are supporting and very hopeful for passage:

In Florida, Senator Evers has introduced a bill that would allow the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to notify parents via text message or email notifications if their teenagers’ driving record has been changed due to violations, crashes and the like. We think this is a great way to keep parents informed and involved in the process of their teenager learning to drive safely.

In New Jersey, bills from Senator Singer and Assemblyman Dancer aim to enhance the penalties against underage drinkers.  We are proud of the work they are doing to create a more comprehensive system to prevent underage drinking.

We also applaud New York Senator Fuschillo for introducing his state a social host law.  Under his bill, it would be illegal for anyone to serve someone under the age of 21 any alcohol, even in a private residence.   In fact, research conducted for The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility by Teenage Research Unlimited revealed that 65 percent of individuals between the ages of 10-18 who have consumed alcohol in the last year report obtaining their alcohol from family and friends.”