Studies show that students who don’t participate in after-school programs are three times more likely to engage in risky behaviors like underage drinking.  I sat down with the girls DC SCORES soccer, writing, and service-learning team at Raymond Education Campus to talk about underage drinking and what role participation in DC SCORES has in the poet-athletes’ decision to stay away from alcohol. 

“If you are active, you don’t even think about (drinking alcohol),” reported Aisha D.

“Yeah, we think about other things, like physical fitness, recycling, how to make the world a better place,” added teammate Asia S.

Aiyana P. chimed in: “Drinking alcohol will affect my life and my teammates. I can’t run as fast, can’t think as good, and brain cells die.”

“Your body’s not fully developed,” continued Aisha D. “It damages the inside of your stomach, and other important organs.  It can also lead to violence and crews.  It could influence others to drink and do dangerous things, harming yourself and others.”

With the help of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, DC SCORES builds teams through after-school programs for over 800 low-income DC youth at 27 schools by instilling self-expression, physical fitness and a sense of community.  To learn more about DC SCORES visit http://dcscores.org.

Cory Chimka

Program Director, DC Scores