Even if you used to toke, you still need to confront your kid - especially if it's posing problems at school

Dear Dr. Wolf,

My teen smokes pot, plain and simple. He'll never admit it, but I've found rolling papers and empty Ziploc bags in his room, and sometimes he smells like it when he comes home. He just started Grade 11, which is a big year. My biggest issue is his moodiness and lack of ambition at school. I want to speak to him about the pros and cons, but I can't lecture him because I did the same at his age. I got an education and a good job and stopped after university, but I had a lot of high-school friends who veered down the wrong path. How do I start this conversation with my son?

-Pothead's Pop

Dear Pothead's Pop,

Many parents today feel conflicted about their children and marijuana use - especially if they themselves were marijuana users (and perhaps still are), and don't feel that marijuana was ever a significant problem in their lives.

They may even think of it fondly. "What can I say? Had a really good time. I liked that part of my life."

Even so, whether they smoked pot or not, most parents also know of at least one cautionary tale.