This past week we had our second Alabama IKnowEverything event and it was great to be back! We traveled to Austin High School in Decatur, Alabama where we were greeted by the entire FCCLA chapter with a true sense of southern hospitality. Austin High School has been preparing for the IKnowEverything challenge since they were chosen. Sarah Burnett, Austin High School FCCLA member, explained that she wanted to help with the program because “the number one teenage killer is driving and it scares me [Sarah Burnett].”

The Decatur Daily prepped for IKnowEverything with a pre-event article. WAAY TV and WHNT 19 attended the event and also covered the program on the news! WAAY TV reported, “studies show Alabama has the fourth highest rate of deaths for teenage drivers in the country.” With this alarming statistic, Austin High School was looking forward to hosting the challenge in hopes of educating their students on driver safety. It was great to see 150 students participate in the challenge. All of the students were willing to learn and better prepare for the road.

Thanks to Austin High School’s FCCLA Advisor Bethany Gonzalez, Austin High School, and everyone who made the event possible!