From the Toronto Globe and Mail

You’ve had a really hard day. The printer failed and you had to spend an hour – which you couldn’t spare – on the phone with IT. Your back started acting up again. Andrea was going crazy about the Trundley account. And that was all before lunchtime.

The afternoon was worse. A 45-minute meeting became two hours. You missed a half-dozen client calls. The car’s making weird, expensive-sounding noises. Oh, right – and the dog got out. Perfect.

“Dad, there’s no bread. How am I supposed to make a sandwich for myself if there’s no bread? You have to go out and get bread.”

“Austin, I’ve had a really hard day. I just need you to cut me some slack right now. Okay?”

“But I want a sandwich. I always eat a sandwich when I come home from school. You know that.” ...