Led by the National Association of State Judicial Educators, a national panel of experts in criminal justice examined the judiciary’s critical role in reducing hardcore drunk driving and strategies to increase effectiveness in the adjudication of these cases.

The award winning publication, Hardcore Drunk Driving Judicial Guide, combines the panel members’ ideas and experiences with research in the field of hardcore drunk driving.

This judicial reference resource provides information on the following areas:

  • scope of the problem of hardcore drunk driving
  • role of the judiciary system in sentencing hardcore drunk drivers
  • challenges and obstacles to effective sentencing of hardcore drunk drivers
  • effective sanctions, strategies, and programs to reduce hardcore drunk driving

Hardcore Drunk Drivers:

  • Drive with a high blood alcohol concentration (.15 or above)
  • Do so repeatedly, as demonstrated by having more than one impaired driving arrest
  • Are highly resistant to changing their behavior despite previous sanctions, treatment, and/or education
  • Are 380 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a non-drinking driver