Judicial leadership, persistence and creativity can lead to significant reductions in hardcore drunk driving. More lives will be saved — and changed — as more judges become aware of the idiosyncrasies of hardcore drunk driving cases and implement the strategies, tactics and programs needed to combat them.

To keep these drivers in check and increase the chances that they don’t drive drunk again, judges need to find ways of efficiently but thoroughly think through a driver’s sentence. By means of comprehensive sentencing, judges can design a sentencing roadmap for the hardcore drunk driver that not only protects the public but demands that the offender make behavioral changes. The strategies and sanctions that form this roadmap protect the public by effectively quarantining the offender, either physically or by restricting access to an automobile. The roadmap demands behavior change, which is the offender’s only means to getting to his destination: a normal, unrestricted life.

Every hardcore drunk driving case presents a vexing challenge as well as a tremendous opportunity to change and save lives. Not every element works for every defendant just as not every program works for every judge. But the strategies, tactics and programs described here provide a resource for judges and judicial educators as they address the complexities of reducing hardcore drunk driving.