Appendix B

The National Hardcore Drunk Driver Project

The Goal

To protect the public by reducing the recidivism of hardcore drunk drivers.

The Strategy

Mobilize an effective campaign to curtail hardcore drunk driving based on a coordinated system of mutually reinforcing components. Special criminal charges of Aggravated DWI and Hardcore DWI, with associated sanctions and remedial treatment, can provide the focus for such a system.

The Rationale

A coordinated system is necessary to provide the framework needed to close loopholes in existing laws and programs, enact needed legislation, and ensure that the responsible agencies and organizations work together effectively to address the problem. For those states choosing to adopt them, special charges reinforce a coordinated system by requiring immediate identification and stipulating appropriate punishment and treatment that, combined, act to reduce recidivism. By calling attention to the serious nature of the crime, a higher level charge acts as a general deterrent.

Objectives and Tactics

Research shows that a system to deter, detect, punish and change the behavior of hardcore drunk drivers should be based on swift identification, certain punishment and effective treatment. An important factor for success is an accountable, statewide planning group or panel, with representatives from pertinent state agencies and interested organizations, to spearhead change and monitor effectiveness.

Swift Identification

  • Focused Enforcement Strategies and Support Technologies
  • Statewide DWI Reporting System
  • More Severe Consequences for Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test

Certain Punishment

  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR)
  • Administrative Vehicle Immobilization or Plate Seizure
  • Mandatory Alcohol Ignition Interlock
  • Home Confinement with Electronic Monitoring
  • Judicial Education and DWI Courts

Effective Treatment

  • Early Intervention
  • Assessment-Based
  • Programs Mandatory
  • Participation
  • Intensive Monitoring/Supervision
  • Dedicated Detention Facilities