www.responsibility.org We joined Shaquille O'Neal in Syracuse, NY to work with students there on a binge drinking PSA. We joined The Stupid Drink, a student-generated campaign run by students of Syracuse University, and also the winning advertising plan of the 2009 NSAC Competition. Shaq did a great job directing the students appearing in the spot, and he was impressed by the dedication of the students from The Stupid Drink Team; they had great insights on how to reach students with the message to stop binge drinking. Shaq seemed to learn as much from the students as they did from him. He also approved of the acting talent (SU students!) We look forward to the students' finished product -- and hope to share it with you soon. Afterward, Shaq spoke to students alongside Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor during half-time of the first basketball game of the season, Syracuse vs. Fordham. Including a few choice comments for the benefit of Orange students, Shaq urged the students to be careful and take care of each other -- to not pass the line between, as The Stupid Drink team calls it, "drinking and drinking too much."