WASHINGTON, DC— Today, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and its partnering colleges and universities were on Capitol Hill for an important briefing on student-run efforts to fight binge drinking on their campuses.

The event showcased programs developed by students, for students and was designed to imitate a college campus – “The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility University.”  Each college and university had a section of “The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility University” where they presented the college binge drinking programs currently in place or being developed on their individual campuses.  Each of the programs was created in order to discourage binge drinking and to encourage responsible consumption.  The showcased programs included:

  • Emergency Medicine Foundation: This groundbreaking research project examines the feasibility of using text messaging as a way to further reduce risky drinking in college students.
  • Fisher College: With the support of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Fisher College's Center for Leadership in Public Service explored the role, challenges, and effectiveness of student life and law enforcement personnel in addressing dangerous over-consumption of alcohol on campus.
  • The George Washington University: “You Know. Be There.” This student generated campaign seeks to remind students that they intuitively know when their friends are on a path toward dangerous over-consumption and encourages them to act on their instincts to help prevent dangerous consequences.
  • National Judicial College: This research project explores students' perceptions of the various phases of the college disciplinary process and its effectiveness in reducing recidivism for alcohol policy violations.
  • Syracuse University: “The Stupid Drink.”  This student-led project seeks to reduce binge drinking by getting people talking about where the line is between “drinking” and “drinking too much” in order to reduce premature deaths, hospital visits and a long list of other negative consequences that occur on college campuses.
  • Texas Christian University: “Vitals” VITALS is an acronym that stands for Vomiting, Incoherence, Temperature, Absence of Color, Low breathing and Seizure and is an offshoot of the PROOF campaign presented by TCU’s team at the 2009 American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition to educate students on the signs of alcohol poisoning.
  • University of Alabama: “Less Than U Think” This campus wide campaign is based on a strategy geared towards empowering student drinkers to change their behavior. The team developed a series of tactics to reach them on campus, at home and at the point of consumption. 
  • University of Minnesota: “The Other Hangover” This student generated initiative realistically depicts the important social consequences of alcohol overconsumption on students' reputations, friendships and image.
  • Ohio University: “College: You Don’t Want to Miss This” This project provided students with information and focused on two key areas: off-campus housing and local taverns, bars and restaurants.

“College binge drinking is a big problem on our nation’s college campuses,” said Ralph Blackman, President and CEO of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.  “Our hope is that by helping students to create campaigns for their peers, we will be able to reach more college students and continue to change the culture of dangerous overconsumption on campuses.”

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

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Darron Moffatt, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
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