The website is the hub for all things Ask, Listen, Learn. Youth are encouraged to join the Ask, Listen, Learn Team by making a pledge to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking. Through the website, kids learn from SuperStars who act as powerful role models, play fun games, and download activities to learn more about the importance of making healthy choices. The section for parents and teachers includes an updated blog, free resources on underage drinking, and educational materials and pointers on talking about alcohol with kids. Visit

The Ask, Listen, Learn interactive game is the first educational tool designed to get kids moving while they learn about the consequences of underage drinking and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Kids can learn about their overall health and fitness, as well as the negative effects of alcohol on their bodies, and ways to say “NO” to peer pressure. The game is designed to be part of a broader fitness and health education program. It can also be used at after-school programs and community based organizations.