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Our government relations department researches current trends and develops policy initiatives regarding drunk driving, underage drinking, teen driver safety, and healthy lifestyles. Over the years we have worked alongside coalition partners to support effective legislation in more than 45 states and at the federal level. Additionally, we team up with elected officials and other partners to launch our prevention programs and have held more than 2,000 events across the nation.

Despite significant progress over the past 20 years, underage drinking is a complex problem that persists in communities across the nation. We believe that a combination of effective penalties and comprehensive education coupled with public awareness efforts about the crucial role of parents will enhance each community’s efforts to reduce underage drinking.

Working to restrict access to alcohol by those under the legal purchase age is everyone’s goal, but collective community action can have a greater impact than individual efforts.

  • Parents and other adults must be held accountable. For adults who provide alcohol to people under age 21, we support social host liability laws, driver’s license suspension, fines and community service dedicated to underage drinking prevention, and graduated penalties for repeat offenses.
  • Individuals under age 21 must understand that the consequences of underage drinking can be life threatening. For illegal possession, consumption, purchase, and attempts to purchase alcohol we support mandatory fines, community service, license suspension, and graduated penalties for repeat offenses. We also support zero tolerance laws for underage drinking and driving, and penalties for minors who use, manufacture, and/or possess fraudulent identification for the purpose of procuring alcohol.
  • Law enforcement and public officials must focus their resources and manpower in a balanced and comprehensive approach.

Federally, we support expanding and improving school-based efforts to prevent underage drinking, federal evaluation and data collection efforts, and enforcement efforts to prevent underage drinking and especially adult provision of alcohol to people under 21.

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Underage Drinking – Public Policy – Pending Legislation

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility tracks underage drinking legislation across all state legislatures. Below is a list of currently pending bills.