To determine parents' perspective on the legal consequences of underage drinking, we commissioned a survey of over 1,000 adults. The results show that overwhelmingly, 96% of adults and parents alike do not believe it is acceptable for parents or other adults to provide beverage alcohol to underage youth.

Further, all survey respondents said if they learned another parent or adult provided alcohol to their teenager without their permission, they would consider taking recourse against the other parent, or their child. The top actions adults would take include:

  • Speaking with my child about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking (93%)
  • Call that adult and express my objections/feelings/opinions (86%)
  • Restrict my child's time at that family's house (80%)
  • Limit my child's relationship with that family (76%)
  • Notify other parents (74%)
  • Punish my own child (69%)

Other actions adults report they would take if such an incident occurred include calling the police (44%), reporting the incident to the school (40%), and taking legal action, such as file charges, sue them, etc. (34%). (Source:, Harris Interactive, Quorum, January 2006).