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Teen Driver Safety Laws

The driver license is among the most coveted milestones on a teen’s road to independence. However, motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds. As parents and members of the community, we must carefully teach teens the rules of the road. States must also enact laws that ensure new drivers get as much experience behind the wheel as possible before they are able to have an unrestricted license and can drive alone.

We support comprehensive teen driving safety laws that include zero tolerance for drinking alcohol and driving under the age of 21, primary safety belt requirements, graduated driver licensing and a complete ban on texting and cell phone use while driving for novice teen drivers. Learn more about our policy.

As a parent, it’s a frightening moment when your teen drives away in a car without you for the first time. Years of preparation go into that moment to ensure their safety. Together with our partners we strive to encourage parents to have regular conversations with their children about safe driving, as well as underage drinking, at an early age and continuing through adolescence.

We work with many traffic safety partners to implement the IKnowEverything teen driver safety program and promote many other important teen driver safety programs and campaigns.  We urge parents to serve as role models for their children and to clearly outline expectations for safe driving and consequences if the rules aren’t followed. We strive to prevent dangerous driving behavior among our nation’s youth.