College: You Don’t Want to Miss This



The Ohio University Ad Club's campaign was designed to aim their messaging only to students of legal drinking age, 21 and older. Following an overall strategy of empowering students to change their behavior by providing them with information, this student-led effort implemented various tactics in two key areas: off-campus housing and local taverns, bars and restaurants.

The "College: You Don’t Want to Miss This" campaign" was implemented during the fall semester 2010. The campaign included media elements that ran for 10 weeks during this timeframe. The "College: College: You Don’t Want to Miss This" final report provides additional information on the campaign's implementation and evaluation.

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95% participation rate among local on-premise establishments was achieved during the campaign implementation phase

65% of student respondents thought that the campaign was "somewhat effective in addressing college binge drinking"

39%  of the survey participants were able to remember the campaign after 5 months

11%of students responded that they felt "the campaign made them drink a little less"