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Stacey Ferguson

Co-Founder and Chief Curator, Blogalicious Community

Stacey Ferguson is Co-founder and Chief Curator of the Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity in social media. She also blogs about living richly on ‘Life IS the Party’ at ...

Dr. James Hedlund

Principal, Highway Safety North

Dr. Hedlund is Principal, Highway Safety North, Ithaca NY. He spent 22 years at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in various research and management positions, most recently as Associate ...

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    “Are you ready for some….” responsible decisions?! The National Football League’s Super Bowl 50 is this weekend. If you choose to drink during the game, drink responsibly and have a plan. The most crucial element to Super Bowl viewing success ... Read More >

  • How to never send another drunk text

    Wait, I said what? Drunk dialing is not a new phenomenon. As The Wall Street Journal so eloquently put it this week, “Humans have almost certainly been making drunken phone calls since not long after Alexander Graham Bell placed the ... Read More >

  • Quit Playin' Games with My Responsibility...

    Last night in sunny Florida Back Street Boy Nick Carter found himself under the bright lights of police cruisers as a bar scuffle ended with him behind bars. Nick who has been honest about his alcohol and substance abuse issues seemed ... Read More >

  • America's Most Wanted

    When America hears these three words, most people think of the FBI’s 10 most wanted criminals. But a lesser known “Most Wanted” list is released each year – the most critical transportation safety improvements as established by the National Transportation ... Read More >